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      The Procedure :

Digital Compusoft supports two processes by way of which voice files can be sent for transcription

a)    Through Hand-held recorders
The recorded transcription is transferred to the computer by our clients and subsequently up-loaded to our secured server in their respective FTP folders. Each client is given a separate password and ID for the same.

The voice files are downloaded by the transcription teams in India and work allocation is made. Subsequently the transcription, proof reading and editing takes place. The transcribed text files in the required formats are uploaded to our server into the respective FTP folders of our clients on time.

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b)    Through Toll-free lines
The dictations are recorded directly onto our server by calling on our toll free lines from anywhere in the USA. Once the dictations are recorded, they are encrypted and encoded for ensuring high level of security. These are then auto-routed to our FTP server for transcription.

The Digital Alliance
Digital Compusoft leads a team of associate medical transcription companies. These companies have their own area of specialties and are located in various cities. This provides us an ability to expand our capacities on a very short notice.

The distribution of jobs is done by our secure server in Seattle. However the uploading of the transcribed files is routed through our central hub after final quality check.


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