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Database Applications

      Physical Set-up :
  1. A 2000 sq. feet office located in the business area of Vadodara, India is utilized as a production center.
  2. Dedicated 64 Kbps ISDN Internet connectivity.
  3. Two support Internet connections through cables with a bandwidth of 128 Kbps.
  4. Secured server in Seattle.
  5. Latest equipment viz. P-III's, Foot-pedals, quality headphones, etc.
  6. Well-stocked library with reference books & CD-ROMs.
  7. Supported by an in-house training center in which all transcriptionists and editors are trained before being put on to jobs.
  8. Software used- Merrium Webster's English Dictionary, Quick Look Drug Index- 2001, American Drug Index- 2001, Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, Scribe-Aid Voice Player, Joyscribe Voice Player.
  9. Reference books- Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Stedman's Specialty wordbooks, AAMT Book of Style, Dos & Don'ts, 20001 Baby Names, Medical Transcription & Keyboarding, Language of Medicine.

Human Resource :

  1. The Organisational Setup

  2. Transcriptionists Profile:
    All the transcriptionists have backgrounds in Life Sciences with excellent English comprehension skills and have average experience of
  3. Editors/ Jr. Editors Profile:
    All the editors/ Jr. editors have backgrounds in Medicine/Life Sciences with extensive experience.over 1.5 years.
  4. Team Leader Profile:
    Over 4 years of experience.



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